Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi! I graduated class of '04 with English Major and Minor in Bio (and one or two units shy of minoring in math and chemistry... yes I did wonder around various departments)

Current Profession: Administrative Assistant, Trade, Tourism and Investment at LLDC nation in Tokyo.

How I got here: August after graduation, I decided to move back to California instead of taking a 6mo temp position in PA.

I wondered around in Southern California until my OPT expired doing internships and taking classes for marketing certificate from University of California Riverside's Extension Center.

Current Job Description: Event planner, coordinator, translator, copy/fax girl, cocoa maker (my boss doesn't drink coffee), and sometimes visa assistant. Its a small office, so everyone juggles multiple tasks. I guess BMC's pressure-cooker-like environment, may have prepared me for the current job.

I live in a microscopic apartment in downtown Tokyo. Feel free to drop by if you are ever in town!

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