Friday, August 15, 2008


Guess who got a mention in the new Bryn Mawr alum bulletin ....


and the blog!

I'm very excited to have gotten some publicity for this blog. Hopefully we get more people willing to write a little about what they've been up to after college.

So far my latest news has been that I took my little sister to the Jonas Brother's concert on Monday.
Yea, I know ... aren't I a little old to be seeing a boy band where the members may potentially be half my age?

But being the sister I am ... I will do anything for my munchkin [who is the brightest 13yr old I know ... I smell future Mawrtyr!]

Seeing a concert at Madison Sq Garden with the sibling was probably the best night of my summer so far. I was so glad to see her face light-up during every single song. We even got to see them at their album release the same night ... and my sister is trilled that she caught a glimpse of curly hair.

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